This guide will detail simple and fast ways to farm important currency. If you are looking to farm there are lots of places to farm in Painty PW. Just travel around the world and find something to do.

In-game currencies

In the game you will find three major currencies, all can be used to create many other items.

Bronze Scroll
Silver Scroll
Golden Scroll

Unique rewards

Every time you level up, you'll gain rewards.

Daily quests

Looking for something to do daily? Find these quests around the world and complete them alone or with your friends.

Press to view all available quests for you today.

Bounty Hunter

NPC: Head Hunter

A bounty quest with a nice reward.


Armor and Blood (Lv. 100+, Lv. 103+, Lv105)

NPC: Quest Master

Go to the PvE Farm Area and kill several varieties of monsters.

Mercenaries (Lv. 100+, Lv. 103+, Lv105)

NPC: Quest Master

Go to the PvP Farm Area and kill several varieties of monsters.


Dantalion (Lv. 100+, Lv. 103+, Lv105)

NPC: Quest Master

Go to the PvE Farm Area and kill Dantalion.


Cube Challenge (Lv. 100+)

NPC: Quest Master

Go to the cube for a reward and come back to me!


To Flowsilver Palace (Lv. 100+)

NPC: Teleport Master [PvE]

Instance with a good reward.


The Battle of Archosaur (Lv. 100+)

NPC: Event Master (Every day at 6 pm)

Go to Archosaur City West and protect our city.

Calm Down (Lv. 100+, Lv. 103+, Lv105)

NPC: Good Lemur

Sit down, have a rest, disconnect from the outside world!

★Weapons in the coffin (Lv. 100+)

NPC: Quest Master

Our allies from the Land of Cursed King sent a messenger to us. He asks for help with weapons because their kingdom suffered a series of monster attacks.


★Anthill in trouble (Lv. 100+)

NPC: Quest Master

Anthill still inhabited by little dragons.

Escaped Emperor (Lv. 105, R2)

NPC: New Emperor

Go to the Escaped Emperor Den and kill Escaped Emperor.

★Traitors of Perfect World (Lv. 105, R2)  

NPC: New Emperor

Go to the Escaped Emperor Den and kill traitors.

★Blessing (Lv. 100+, VIP)  

NPC: Clergyman

- Improves the MP recovery speed greatly

- Doubles the skill damage to monsters

for 1 hour.

Weekly quests

Vitamin Search

NPC: Junior Lemur

The junior lemur had trouble.

This weekly quest has several stages.

Repeatable quests

These easy quests can usually be spotted on the map called as the Spring area. Use the Teleport Master [PvE] NPC to teleport there.

Spirit of Nergal


For sedation

Desecrating the river

Snowgrind Fox

Foreign Lands

Come to this location if your guild has a Faction Base. Use Teleport Master in your Faction Base to enter this place. The quests that are available are as followed:</p>

Cry for Justice

Unknown artifact

In Search of Food

★Let's clear a path

Farming and Leveling Spots

These are the places that are good for gaining EXP to help advance your character throughout the game.

  • The PvE Farm Area
  • The PvP Farm Area
  • The Spring Area
  • Flowsilver Palace
  • Nirvana Palace
  • Phoenix Valley
  • ★Golden Phoenix Valley
  • Realm of Reflection
  • The Foreign Lands

In-game Events

The following are events that can take place at times in-game that give rewards to players that contribute to the completion of the event:

  • Celestial Tigers (Mon at 9pm)
  • Fighters of Abominations (Wed 8-9pm)
  • Temple of the Dragon (Tue at 8pm)
  • Theater of Blood 
  • Tournament Event (Thur at 8pm
  • Nation Wars (Fri 8:20-10:20pm)
  • Sunset Valley
  • Resource Wars
  • World bosses (Daily on a 2h timer)
  • The Battle of Archosaur
  • World Chests (Daily at specific times)
  • Harvesting Event