The most powerful gear of demigod in the Perfect World created by Escaped Emperor.

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How to manufacture?

Visit Emperor's Gear NPC, World (522, 654)

How to obtain required materials?

1) Before that obtain King's Gear

2) Reach 105 Lv. (R2) and go to the Escaped Emperor Den

General Zhigang or Junior Lemur gives you

Siege Order

Use this order to teleport via Teleport between worlds

3) Kill Traitor Guards to collect 

Important Document

Each mob discards 4 Important Documents. You need 500 pcs for a piece of armor, 600 pcs for a tome, and 700 pcs for a weapon.

4) Kill Escaped Emperor to collect up to 3 random Molds

 Mold: E. Heavy Shirt
 Mold: E. Heavy Pants
 Mold: E. Heavy Footwear
 Mold: E. Heavy Wirst.
 Mold: E. Heavy Helmet
 Mold: E. Heavy Manteau
 Mold: E. Light Shirt
 Mold: E. Light Pants
 Mold: E. Light Footwear
 Mold: E. Light Wirst.
 Mold: E. Light Helmet
 Mold: E. Light Manteau
 Mold: E. Arcane Shirt
 Mold: E. Arcane Pants
 Mold: E. Arcane Footwear
 Mold: E. Arcane Wirst.
 Mold: E. Arcane Helmet
 Mold: E. Arcane Manteau
 Mold: E. Dual Swords
 Mold: E. Handaxes
 Mold: E. Cometdust Spear
 Mold: E. Lithe Bow
 Mold: E. Neon Crossbow
 Mold: E. Auroraflare Bow
 Mold: E. Starlight Wand
 Mold: E. Rosen Tragedy
 Mold: E. Yin Yang
 Mold: E. Holding Waves
 Mold: E. Justice Saber
 Mold: E. Grimsoul

You need 1 Mold.

5) Collect 

Golden Scroll

You need 5000 pcs. or 7000 pcs.

That's all! Now you can manufacture your gear.

See stats of Emperor's Weapons 

See stats of Emperor's Armors

Set Bonus

A Set Bonus awards the player with additional stat addons for wearing multiple pieces in an equipment set. There are typically multiple set bonuses in an equipment set, allowing the player to wear only a partial number of parts in a set to receive certain bonuses.

(2) HP +900

(4) DEF LV +25

(5) ATT LV +30

So in other words 2 items gives you HP +900, but 5 items gives you HP +900, DEF LV +25 and ATT LV +30.

How's it look?

Escaped Emperor Tome

Try to find and dig Emperor's Diary


Emperor's memoir I
Emperor's memoir II
Emperor's memoir III
Emperor's memoir IV
Emperor's memoir V

to upgrade your



Escaped Emperor