Complete the daily quest to open

Chest of Freebie

This chest contains a gift card. 

Each gift card can be used to get bonus Coins by donating. 

You'll get one thing by chance

+10% Gift Card
+20% Gift Card
+40% Gift Card
+60% Gift Card
+100% Gift Card

If you want to use this, please send this item to Curator via Mailbox NPC, buy coins using our website and wait for some time. So, for example, if you donated 100 USD you'll receive coins worth 110/120/140/160/200 USD. Your profit is 10/20/40/60/100 USD.

Any trading is available for this item. This means you can sell it to someone for Golden Scrolls, Important Documents, Shard of the Stars, etc.

Complete more quests to get more chests like this one.