PvE/PvP/Astral are a passive, accumulative system of obtaining titles/ranks.

Requirements for obtaining PvE ranks

  • Reach level 103
  • Take the quest from Reward Master [PvE] NPC

To obtain higher ranks, you must kill monsters.

List of PvE ranks

Rank I: Ogre Blossom Killer

Rank II: Grass Slayer

Rank III: Junior farmer

Rank IV: Storm for mobs

Rank V: They are afraid

Rank VI: Demon Hunter

Rank VII: Conqueror of the Caves

Rank VIII: Immortal Defender

Rank IX: Air Force

Rank X: Evil genius

Rank XI: World Master

Rank XII: God's punishment

Requirements for obtaining PvP ranks

  • Reach level 105
  • Take the quest from Event Master NPC

To obtain higher ranks, you must kill players (105 lvl)

List of PvP ranks

Rank I: Chief Warrant Officer 5

Rank II: 2nd lieutenant

Rank III: 1st lieutenant

Rank IV: Captain

Rank V: major

Rank VI: lieutenant-colonel

Rank VII: colonel

Rank VIII: brigadier general

Rank IX: major general

Rank X: lieutenant general

Rank XI: general

Rank XII: general of the Army

Requirements for obtaining Astral ranks

  • Reach level 104
  • Take the quest from Astral Sensei

To obtain higher ranks, you must kill mobs

List of Astral ranks

Rank I: Astral Member

Rank II: Astral Hermit

Rank III: Astral Hunter

Rank IV: Astral Entity

Rank V: Astral Spectator

Rank VI: Astral Contractor

Rank VII: Astral Sponsor

Rank VIII: Astral Defender

Rank IX: Astral Minister

Rank X: Astral Elder

Rank XI: Astral Judge

Rank XII: Astral Emperor

All PvE/PvP/Astral titles gives you 

extra stats