Are you clan leader and thinking about joining to Painty Perfect World?

You and your clan members receive a really generous bonus like never before under the following conditions:

Step #1

Your clan must consist of at least 10 real players and not twins, not current players.

Step #2

You and your clan members should register

and download our game client.

Clan leader (you) should invite all clan members to own clan.

Step #3

After completing the previous two steps, the clan leader must send app to

1. Your nickname

2. Clan name

That's all

Expect a confirmation from server owner within 24 hours.

Bonuses for Incoming Clans

Its depends on how many clan members you have.

Count of playersClan member reward (to each member)Clan leader reward
Hero Badge (7 days)
Royal Badge (7 days)
Hero Badge (10 days)
Royal Badge (10 days)
Hero Badge (14 days)
Royal Badge (14 days)
Hero Badge (18 days)
Royal Badge (18 days)
Hero Badge (25 days)
Royal Badge (25 days)

This offer valid until 1 June 2020

Bonuses for Incoming Const-Parties

Count of playersConst-Party member reward (to each member)
Hero Badge (7 days)

This offer valid until 1 June 2020

If you have any questions feel free to contact me