New Player Guide

After you created your character you will teleported to West Archosaur. You will be an NPC-Start! Take the quest “Take my power back”.

You will be ported again to another NPC- Game Manager take the quest “Get my powers back”.

It will ask you to choose a reward, this will be your cultivation you can choose between Celestial Sage and Celestial Demon. Choose one of them and click “Done”.

You will level up to lvl100 and receive some stuff.

9999* Newbies emblem 

9999* Guardian Scroll 

9999* Teleport Stone 

1000* Mirage Celestone 

1000* Dragon orb (9 Star) 

Geographic Map 

Gift Weapon – Against Monsters 

That´s all you will need to start farming your gear. First of all, click on the Geographic map this will add all the teleport points to your map. All the NPC´s you may need are located in West Archosaur the first one you will use is “Starting Gear” (523, 652).

Everything on this NPC will have a cost of 1 Newbies Emblem, choose the equipment you want between Lunar and TT99.

Once you have your equipment click on the Stone tab there are multiple options you can choose, we highly recommend Stone of Exorcism as it will give you more damage against mobs but you can get any stone you want.

At the end of the tabs you will see Skills, click on it and you will see multiple options red for demon and blue for sage. Find the one for your class and click start.

You will receive the item on your bag just right click on it and you will receive all your demon or sage skills.

Press “E” and click on Only Show Learnable Skills.

You will see all the Demon or Sage skills you can learn, just click the arrow at the right side of each skill.

Now we are done with the first NPC, lets move to the second NPC you should use, move a couple of meters to the right and you will see NPC- Main Merchant.

There are many things you can get on this NPC but right now just click on the “Others” tab and get your charms.

Once you have your charms ready, move to the coords World (529, 647) and you will see some forges click on the forge depending on the armor you choose, if it is Lunar or Twilight. There are two forges for each kind of armor, one for weapons and other for armors.

Click on it and upgrade your TT or Lunar equipment to Nirvana. Each part will also cost 1 newbies emblem. 

Once you have all your nirvana gear move to the NPC- Services (521, 652)

This NPC allows you to imbue soulgems, refine equipment and much more.

What we want to do here is to refine our equipment till level 9 with the Dragon orbs we received at the beginning, refine all your armor, rings, belt, weapon and necklace.

Once you are done, click on the NPC – Services and find Imbue Soulgem. Imbue any gem you want on your armor and weapon.

As you may see on each part of your armor or weapon there are some requisites depending on the class, weapon and grade of it.

Now that you are level 100 you should have 495 points you can use to get those requisites. Press “C” and you will see the options to add them. Just click on the “+” icon on the Attribute you want, once you have enough or you are done with your Attributes points click done.

Now that we have our armor is time to get our Genie. For this there are two NPCs you can choose NPC- Watcher of the Earth and NPC – Daring Jinn. Both of them will give you genies the main different is how they look.

There are multiple options just choose the one you like and click start.

Now that you have the armor, the Attributes and genie is time to begin with our quests. 

Your main focus right now should be to get Kings gear and level up.

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